1  song,  2  tracks,  3-1/2  minutes (or thereabouts)

1 song, 2 tracks, 3-1/2 minutes (or thereabouts)

A special rate for singer-songwriters who want to showcase each new song in its best light 

Don't settle for just a raw and unbalanced performance video posted on your YouTube channel. Get a mixed & mastered stereo file of your new song that's ready for online distribution as is, or for use as a basic demo. Even when you move forward with a full production, releasing a stripped-down acoustic version of the same song gives you a separate sound recording that can also be earning royalties.


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Inspiration strikes. You've written that new song, but it's not truly finished until it's been heard at its best! Now you can get a mixed & mastered audio file that's ready for online distribution. Upload it directly to your website or SoundCloud page, or use your online distributor to get it on Spotify and sell it on iTunes, Amazon, etc. As a songwriter you can also shop it around as a simple publishing demo for other artists and producers to hear.

No gear? No worries! There are free mobile apps for both iOS (GarageBand) and Android (Soundcamp, BandLab) that you can use today to easily create multi-track recordings from almost anywhere using your phone or mobile device.

"The world wants, and it needs, people who finish things."
-Jake Parker

$39 USD for a quality mix. Includes 1 free revision & MASTERING!

Record your voice and one accompanying instrument (guitar, piano, ukulele, kazoo, etc.) and I'll mix those individual tracks into a stereo file that faithfully conveys the core groove and emotion that you want to share with your fans, band mates, producer or other collaborators. 

Finished, not perfect—but with a clear and polished sound, these songs can be shared with your audience as is, shopped to producers as a demo, or further developed as a full production when you're ready.

1 song, 2 tracks, 3-1/2 minutes

1 song, 2 tracks, 3-1/2 minutes


"The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time." -Mary Oliver

Service comparison: Singer-songwriter vs. STANDARD mix

What you get: Singer-Songwriter Special: $39/song Standard Mix Rate: $199/song
First-time client discount: $169/song
MP3 files (16-bit 320 kbps) Mastering included: Primary mix only Unmastered: Primary mix, vocals up, vocals down. (Mastering available as an additional service)
WAV files Mastering included: Primary mix only (16-bit, 44.1 kHz) Unmastered: Primary mix, vocals up, vocals down, instrumental, acapella. Bit depth & sample rate dependent on tracks provided. (Mastering available as an additional service)
Revisions 1 free revision, $10 each additional 3 free revisions, $29 each additional
Editing Light editing for timing & tuning only Full editing available see FAQs
Number of tracks 2 tracks (vocal + accompanying instrument) Up to 50 tracks, see FAQs