Do You Take Your Music Seriously?


Your music is something to be proud of and something to champion because no one will ever be more excited about your music than you. 

This is NOT to say that other people will never like your music, but if you're not happy with the results, it's far less likely that anyone else will be either. 

When you tell someone, "I play the guitar", they might hear the word "play" and conclude that it's just all fun and games. Dire Straits had a hit song based on this notion, and musicians everywhere can still relate to it. While making music should always be fun, that joy is balanced with a dedication and commitment to the craft itself. Like any art, making great music can be hard work, but it's a labor worth undertaking.

If you're not happy about the song you've written, fix it. 

If you're not happy with the performance you've captured, fix it. 

If you're not happy with the quality of the recording, the mix, or the master—you need to fix it.

It takes practice and dedication to become good at something and making music is no different, regardless of the advanced technology and wealth of information we enjoy in these exciting times. 

No magical piece of gear will ever write a hit song for you. No YouTube video or blog post will ever perform a brilliant solo for you. 

No, it takes practice to write a decent song.  It takes practice to perform the parts well.  Sometimes it takes practice just to recognize when you need help in order to serve the song, and not your ego.  Sometimes it means collaborating with others who can help you do it better than you can by yourself.

When you take your music seriously, you are showing your audience that you take them seriously too.  You're saying that the music is worth sharing because it meant something special to you and that you want it to mean something special to them as well.

Taking your music seriously doesn't mean that every song has to be a hit or that every performance is flawless. It simply means that you've given it your best and that you are now ready to get it out there—to let it go. It means that you are ready to move on to creating more music and to becoming even better at it.  Perfection is the enemy of finished, and well done is always better than well said.

If you take your music seriously and are ready to share it in its best light, contact me today and please tell me about your project.  I'd love to work with you or answer any questions you have about moving forward. 

I'll always take your music seriously and will become your song's biggest fan the moment I start to work on it.  Rock on.


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