What Is The Best Option for Making Music?

The better question to ask is, what is your best option for making your music...today? 

What is the best option for making music?

Let's be clear that when you have access to a professional recording studio you really ought to use it. When that's not feasible, a well-run home studio can successfully use a lot of the same gear and techniques, just on a smaller scale. If you're reading this, you at least have access to a mobile device likely running either iOS or Android, which means that even your phone or tablet can be your method for making music today or simply another tool in your workflow. There's no hard rule that says you can only choose one of these options, or that you can't use all of them, or that you can't change your workflow to accommodate the scale of your musical projects.

It's time to rethink the all-or-nothing attitude that says you either have to make real records in a real studio or that you can only make limited-quality recordings at home. Or that you just have to settle for recording a raw performance video on your mobile device to release your music. We're living in a remarkable time when you have plenty of options for making music, with no right or wrong path to get there. If you hear the call to make new music, it's a gift, and you should answer that call in the best way you can.

Once bitten, you'll find that your decision-making is often influenced by the depth of your passion for music-making.

When asked to identify the biggest challenge in making their music, many musicians will unsurprisingly say it's their finances—not having enough money to make that next single, EP or a full album. If that sounds like you, first ask yourself how you would spend the extra money if you had it? Then ask yourself why that something or someone would help your music. Once you truly identify the value of that something or someone, ask yourself if there is any other way to achieve similar results? It may not be what you initially had in mind but can it get you closer to where you want to be? Spin the wheel, do some research, or do some soul-searching but recognize that there are always options, including a few dots you may not have connected yet. 

Don't give up on your music without first exploring all of your options. When you have to give in to your current circumstances, recognize that you can still be moving forward on a slightly different path. If you simply turned around and went home every time you faced any traffic you'd never get to where you wanted to be. Finding an alternative route is not settling for less if you can still get to where you were going.

You always have the option to give it your all, regardless of today's obstacles. Embrace the opportunity to let go of any negative mindsets that hold you back. Challenge yourself to discover another music-making tool, or to develop a different workflow that's already within your reach. Your music (and your fans) will thank you.

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